It’s New Years resolution time again! It’s healthy to constantly be setting and achieving goals. IMO goals are best set when you need something to strive towards, not necessarily Jan 1st. The new year does provide a nice explicit opportunity for everyone to review and refine their goals. Here are a few of mine:



  • January – No TV (including youtube/netflix/hulu/streaming/video)
  • February – No Facebook
  • March – No Alcohol
  • April – Only buy food/gas (not things, no clothes, toys, tools, games, furniture etc.)
  • May – Run every single day
  • June – Swim every single day
  • July -No Coffee
  • August – No Sugar
  • September – No eating out
  • October – No Meat
  • November – Wake up and get out of bed before 6AM every day
  • December – Give away something or donate money every day


  • Read / Listen To 30 books.
  • Publish 24 blog posts.



Earn 1000 points on stackoverflow. (made it to 556, count this as a fail)

Type 100 WPM in 3 races on typeracer. (top speed in the 90s, not 100, but huge improvement, count this as a fail also)

✓ Publish 12 blog posts.

Drink only water (yes no coffee, no beer, no milk, just water).

✓ Give a talk at a meetup.

✓ Launch Insider AI in the app store.

Additions (March 7):

✓ Record a screencast.